Friday, September 23, 2016

Dear Abby - A Bed of My Own

Dear Friends,

Happy Friday to you!  I hope you have had a good week.  

I was wondering where your dogs and cats like to sleep?   I am a very big fan of the bed.  When I first came to live here, I was happy in the living room and then I suddenly disappeared.  I dashed up the stairs (don't worry - Momma knows about baby gates, and they are up now ALL the time).  My human Grandma came up after me and she found me in the center of the bed, looking very happy.  A bed is very important to me.  When I found a soft comfy bed here, I knew it would be a good place.  I sleep in the bed with my Momma at night.

I also am very fond of my dog bed in Momma's study.  She works here long hours, and our television is here for evening viewing ... so it is important that I have a very comfy place to rest.   My dog bed in the study has some fleece blankets and lots of cuddly soft toys.  (I am more interested in snuggling with toys than playing with them.)

One of my friends sent me a very cute link about a Chihuahua named Pancho has his own room.  Yes, you read that correctly:  not just a dog bed or crate, but his own room.  It is so cute that I thought you would enjoy it too!

Momma also found a few fun links about old fashioned console TV sets that have been converted to a dog bed, almost like a mini bedroom.  Momma said she sees these console televisions all the time at yard sales and thrift stores.  Here are a few examples with "do it yourself" directions:

Dachshunds in a console TV bed (Furniture Flippin')
Pug in a console TV bed (Artfire)

Yorkie in a console TV bed (Endorsed by Igor) 

Where do your pets like to sleep?  I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Wishing you a great weekend.


Abby xoxoxo


Lisa Mandina said...

Dear Abby, my two dogs, Dora and Argyle, are a little different in where and how they prefer to sleep. Dora likes dog beds, and likes to sleep on top of a pile of blankets. Argyle has never quite figured out the point of a dog bed, to the point where he will hike his leg on one, ruining them for Dora. He is a burrower though. Whenever there is a blanket and he is in the mood to sleep, he immediately goes under the blanket and begins turning in circles until he is wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets. But both dogs feel that the big bed in the house, the human bed, is their bed as well, and both love to sleep with me at night.

Lori @EncourageYourSpouse said...

Dear Abby - our wonderful and perfect dog-friend, Katie loved to sleep where-ever we were. She was happiest on the floor. We invited her up on the bed all the time, and she'd indulge us and cuddle for a while, but then jump back down on the floor to sleep. We were together for 14 years and still miss her terribly. (Although we don't miss the fur she shed!)

These days we dog-sit other people's dogs when they travel. It gives us such joy to spend time with big dogs. They seem to appreciate our love too. Right now, as I write this, I have two big dogs at my feet. They have dog beds, and they love to sleep on the couch. But just like our dog-friend Katie, they like to be where we are...

Ashley Stephenson said...

My dog will start off in our bed and then sometime in the middle of the night will move down to her bed! Before we moved into the house we are in now she slept with us every night the entire night!

Anna said...

What a cutie he is! Hopefully he doesn't snore?! lol

Luciana said...

Lili and Miguel Luis have beds everywhere. My sofa is one of their 'beds' and they leave me very little room to sit. Then they have a big bed with a comforter in my office and another big bed with a comforter in my bedroom. Neither of them want to sleep with me (I wish they did) but love to cuddle up with each other, under their covers, day or night. Sometimes Miguel (being twice Lili's size) will push her off but she will quickly reclaim her space.

Luna C. Lupus said...

Oh goodness, what a cutie you are! <3 We have four dogs in our pack, two of which sleep on the bed and two don't. I wrote about this just recently on my own blog and it's really such a nice dynamic! Truth be told, I can't imagine NOT sharing my bed with a pup! ;)

Rachel Lynn said...

oh my gosh! I can't believe that video with the lady and the dog room!! I mean, it's definitely a lot better than a kennel, and i love how it sort of expanded from just a space to an entirely furnished room! Wow. hahah my puppy used to love to jump on my parents bed when they went to work and forgot to shut their door. She loved sleeping anywhere but her bed :P

Anonymous said...

Abby, our mom lets us all sleep in the bed with her. By all I mean usually 3 dogs and a constantly changing number of cats throughout the night. We save energy and all keep snuggly warm that way. I'm the only one who burrows under the covers though.

Lilly the Dachsie

Unknown said...

This is so precious! My dogs at home choose to share a dog bed although they each have their own. They cuddle...and push each other off the bed. Ha! I wish I had a dog at my current apartment but it is too small and I am too busy.

Crystal said...

I love the story of that dog and his room. So sweet! My pup likes to sleep in my bed AND in her dog bed. :) She always starts in my bed, but during the summer she sometimes goes to her dog bed (or a pile of clothes, if I have a pile of clothes on the floor) because she gets too warm since she has a lot of fur if she's by a person. During the winter, she usually spends the night in my bed, with her back pressed up against me. It's the best! :)

ananda said...

so sweet! i am going to show this to my friend who just adopted a super cute puppy! maybe you will be pen pals! =)

The Peculiar Treasure said...

Dear Abby,
My puppy dogs sleep in their crates. They like it, but they would much prefer the bed. Unfortunately, even if my hubby and I had a California King sized bed, our big pups would not fit in our beds.

Ileana said...

This is so cute!!! My dog Lemon would like for me to tell you that she loves sleeping with her mom (me!) and also loves resting her chin on her toys. She is also very excited because she was told that a teepee is in it's way and it will be a beautiful private space for her numerous daily naps :)



Novelstyle Blog

Vintage Bounty said...

Hello to a fellow vintage lover!
I came across your blog today, via Pinterest, and I have spent several hours reading almost all of your posts. I'm really enjoying all of the fun vintage things that you write about. I also grew up in the 60's and 70's, and I really treasure the books, schools, fads, tv shows, (Loved the Mod Squad), toys, music, and well, everything! In fact, I have such fond memories of my own, that I also started a blog and a website to honor those times that I truly miss so much.
I will look forward to more of your blog posts now that I've found you!! And since I'm kind of new at the blog world, I'm un-sure of blogger protocol, so I thought I would ask your permission first if it would be ok for me to include your blog in a list of "My favorite vintage blogs" that I will be posting soon.
I hope you will visit my site and my blog some time! Its not as well done as yours, but I'm still learning.
Thank you for creating a lovely place for vintage lovers to explore!

Abby said...

Thank you all for visiting! I loved to hear from you and hear about where your dogs and cats like to sleep.

Love from Abby

Birdhouse Books said...

Vintage Bounty, thank you so much for your nice note! I really appreciate your kind words about the blog. Off to visit your website right now! BTW thanks about the blog link, I would love that if you linked our blog to favorites. - Trish

Joy Lynn said...

I love that sweet pup and his room!! It is an interesting prospect to really give them their very own space. We don't currently have a dog (but want one!) and growing up we always had a lab. He had his own space and his own piece of furniture and I always felt that was so good for him. Great thoughts :)

Abby said...

Thanks! I really appreciate your visit. BTW, I love labs!