Friday, July 1, 2016

Dear Abby - Keeping Pets Safe and Happy on the 4th of July

Dear Friends,

It is almost the 4th of July!   I like to be a positive pup, but I will admit it:  this is my least favorite holiday.  Before I found my way to rescue, I was a stray in a busy parking lot, living outdoors.  A wonderful rescue group found me, and then Momma found the great rescue group ... so I have a happy and loving home.  Unfortunately, I carry one thing with me from my days as a stray, and that is a real fear of loud noises.  The 4th of July is all about loud noises.

I live in a busy, urban area and we are near a big fireworks display.  I actually hear the 4th of July fireworks over my home.  On top of that, neighborhood fireworks are legal here, so there are sure to be fireworks out this year not just on the 4th, but on the weekend nights as well.

Do you have a pup who is scared of fireworks?  I have a few tips that may help.

I wear a Thundershirt.  I love my Thundershirt!  I go to the closet where it waits when noise starts to happen.  I wear it when it thunders and when there are fireworks.  It hugs my little body tightly and makes me feel comforted.  Here are a couple of Thundershirt posts I've written for this blog:  2015 and 2014

Momma knows that summer holiday evenings are hard for me because of the noise, so she plans her day in order to be home with me at night and comfort me.  That helps me so much!

Of course, I walk before dark on firework nights, so I can be safely home inside.

I like to have lights on and happy music playing during fireworks.  Momma will often put nice music, like oldies or jazz or classical, on the radio station in the bedroom, and in the study, and in the living room as well.  The music fills the house that way.

Please remember that many dogs are spooked by fireworks and sudden loud noises.  If your dog needs to go out after dark on the summer holiday evenings to potty, it is safest to take him or her on a leash (of course, wearing ID tags!) and keep walks short.

Also a reminder about cookouts - grills and open flames can be both tempting and dangerous for pets (and both cats and dogs may be tempted by goodies on a grill!).

Do you have any other 4th of July safety tips for pets?   I'd love to hear from you in the comments, below.

Have a great weekend!


Abby xoxoxo


Krista Dial said...'re little dog is adorable! Great tips for keeping pets happy and safe with all of the 4th of July festivities!

Anonymous said...

Your dog is so cute! Thank you for adopting and not buying- that's a cause near and dear to my heart!

Breakfast at Lillys said...

Your pup is so cute! :)

xoxo, Jenny

Unknown said...

This is so cute. I love it.

Greta Hollar said...

My pup is scared of fireworks too! We keep the blinds closed and give her a bone to chew on, it helps distract her from the noise and if she does get scared we're there for belly rubs and ear scratches!

Greta |

Luciana said...

Thanks for these tips, Abby. My mama bought me a thundershirt because I too was terrified of fireworks and where we live in Mexico, Americans come here to shoot them off because they're illegal in California so it gets pretty loud. I love my thundershirt. It makes me feel so safe. Every doggie should have one. Mama never ever goes out in the evening on July 3 or 4 because she loves me and wants to be sure I'm ok. Our family will be very happy come July 5.

Lili Marie

Shann Eva said...

Such great tips! I've never heard of the Thundershirt before, but that looks like such a great option. It's also so nice you and Abby spend the time together. I don't have pets, but my twins are afraid of loud noises too. I bought them ear protectors this year to help.

Unknown said...

Oh my, your pup is adorable. Good tips for the holiday too! Have a great weekend

Unknown said...

Aww thanks Abby. Any tips for a bunny?

Donni said...

I need to invest in a Thundershirt for my little pup. He definitely was spooked all weekend from all of the fireworks.

Abby said...

Thanks, friends! I appreciate you stopping by. I hope the summer fireworks are over now.