Friday, May 20, 2016

Dear Abby - Meet Twinkles and Murray (A Rescued Pets Spotlight)

Dear Friends, 

I hope you are having a great week!   All is fine here, except we are expecting some rain and thunder here today.  (Regular readers will know how I feel about thunder!)

I am excited, though, to have some fun visitors to introduce you to today.  Angela, who is a dachshund person and one of Momma's friends, is visiting with her dog Twinkles and kitty Murray.  Angela and her family have a wonderful group of furbabies including Twinkles (Lab mix), Murray (tabby cat), Gizmo (Dachshund), Sarge (Weimaraner), Miss P (gray tabby cat), and Gimli (white cat).  I have to mention that Gizmo just celebrated his 10th birthday (Happy Birthday, Gizmo!) and he has his own Twitter account -- @GizmoAdventures.   He is one of the world's great doxies, and you should look him up on Twitter!

Twinkles and Murray are both rescues, and have wonderful stories.  Twinkles is a Lab mix dog who is 10 or older.  

Abby:  What is Twinkles' background and how did she end up in rescue? 

Angela:  Twinkles was rescued by my grandmother about 7 years ago. She had been dumped and was also run over. Her hip was broken. She healed and now walks with a limp. Twinkles came to live with us when my grandmother moved into an apartment that did not allow big dogs. 

Abby:  How were Twinkles' first days at your home? 

Angela:  Her first few days, you could tell she was sad and missed her mom. But it didn't take long for her to fit right in. She gets along great with Gizmo and Sarge and even has her own bed for the first time.  (The picture below shows Twinkles with Gizmo.)

Abby:  What are a few of Twinkles' favorite things?

Angela:   My favorite thing is to watch her do zoomies. Despite a bad hip, she still runs like the wind. She also loves to dance in puddles and do spins and splash in them. 

Murray is a beautiful cat who is 4 years old.  

Abby:  What is Murray's background and how did she end up in rescue? 

Angela:  Murray was rescued by my brother and his girlfriend. She jumped on the roof of their car in a snow storm. They got her off the hood and put her in the car;  she was just a kitten. They had her for 4 years and she came to live with us on Christmas Day this past year.  

Abby:  How were Murray's first days at your home? 

Angela:  She spent her first week hiding under chairs and beds. She did want to socialize. We think she was mostly heartbroken that her daddy left her with strange people (we have been around her before, but she was a kitten) She finally came out and is now best friends with my mom. She follows her everywhere and sits in her lap all during the day. She loves to go outside and explore and watch the birds. My favorite thing about her is that when you pick her up, she looks just like Garfield after he gets in trouble. She is full of sass and attitude, but she is very gentle with everyone and purrs almost nonstop. 

This picture of Murray surrounded by toys was one of the first times she came out of hiding after first coming to live with us.

Thank you for visiting, Angela, Twinkles, and Murray!  I loved visiting with you all here today.  Twinkles and Murray, you found a wonderful home where you are much loved.  Please give my love to Gizmo, Sarge, Miss P, and Gimli.

If you have questions or comments for Angela, Twinkles, or Murray, I hope you'll leave a comment below.  Thank you for reading, and have a great weekend!


Abby xoxoxo 


All Things Big and Small said...

Your animals sound lovely. Good for you for rescuing them! They are so lucky to have found such a good owner/ pet parent!

Unknown said...

I rescued a cat a long time ago and loved her so much. my heart is more than ready to rescue again but where i live does not allow pets. look forward to having one in the future

Unknown said...

Aw, these stories melt my heart! I love rescue stories and seeing that there ARE good people in this world who want to cherish and love these animals! My Rosie isn't really a rescue, we got her from a family who had an accidental litter, but several of her litter mates ended up in the shelter, so I am glad we got to her before she ended up there!

Shann said...

Awe. They are all so cute. I'm so happy that they were rescued and given good homes. The kitty looks a lot like my first kitty, Lola, who I also rescued.

Beth said...

Murray and Twinkles look like great companions. I am so glad that Angela was able to help them when they needed a new home.

Farrah said...

Aww, happy birthday, Gizmo! :]! Twinkles and Murray are so cute! I'm so glad that they found such a wonderful home!! I'm glad they all get along too! :]

Donni said...

I love rescue stories! Twinkles' face- so sweet!

Abby said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad Twinkles and Murray are in such a loving home.