Saturday, March 12, 2016

First Great Yard Sale Day of the Year!

I couldn't resist popping in to share a few photos -- first great yard sale (and estate sale) day of the year!  I love treasure hunting for my shop (Birdhouse Books) ... there is always the great thrill of fun finds!

Vintage dachshund salt and pepper shakers and the cutest little pewter dachshund.  These are mine (not for sale!) and already in a place of honor in my study.  I purchased these from the nicest man who also is a dachshund person.  My friend and I had our phones out sharing dachshund pictures back and forth with him.

Vintage Christmas magazines - love the ads and recipes in these. 

 A new Silvestri Christmas tray (star shaped Santa Claus).

Vintage This is Atlanta book with a glimpse of the city in the 1970's ... and an old brochure that included an advertisement for Davison's department store at Lenox Square.

 A cute Burma Shave sign book, vintage Christmas decals, vintage holiday drinks cookbook.

A stack of "Patio Daddio" style Mid Century BBQ books.

Vintage Betty Crocker Cookbook with "pie cover."

Vintage Christmas cards!  This is a basket full -- many are unused.  They are gorgeous.

 Boxes of unused vintage Christmas cards.

Not a purchase, but gorgeous -- an old Hudson Hornet car.  My yard sale friend is antique car obsessed, and he snapped this pic.

Are yard sales out in your area yet?  I'd love to hear from you in the comments, below.


krnelson65 said...

I have that Betty Crocker cookbook. It was my Momma's.

Kim said...

It makes me sad to hear the 70s are vintage because that was my

Unknown said...

great finds..I have the Betty Crocker cookbook from the early 70s I use a lot of the recipes. lucky you finding unused Vintage Christmas cards, they look great!

Greta Hollar said...

Such fun finds! Happy Saturday!

Greta |

Erin @ LovePeaceBeauty said...

Great finds - it's always fun to find the unexpected. I'd love to find that Betty Crocker cookbook!

Mary Huckaby said...

I love your little Dachshund salt and pepper shakers. I know how excited you must have been to find them yesterday! The tiny pewter Dachshund is so cute too. Sounds like you started the yard-saling season off with a bang!

Pellerini said...

The Hudson Hornet car is beautiful!

Southern & Style said...

So many great finds! I too am a dachshund person and love your salt and pepper shakers!

xoxo, SS

SveetesKapes said...

I love a good yard sale, so much fun to spot some rare finds and bring them home. Love that Betty Crocker book.
xx, Kusum |

Birdhouse Books said...

Thanks all! I appreciate your comments.

krnelson65 - Kim, how neat that the Betty Crocker cookbook was a favorite in your family. That makes it extra special!

Kim - that was my childhood too. I know what you mean!!

Lin - thanks! You always find such great retro treasures. I love seeing pics of your new finds too.

Mary - thanks! You know I love the doxie items most of all. It was fun running into another fanatical dachshund person on our yard sale jaunt.