Monday, February 29, 2016

Music Monday - "Girl Don't Come" by Sandie Shaw (1964)

This is another one of those great retro songs that I only discovered in recent years - thanks to SiriusXM radio.  I love the decades channels on XM, like '60's on 6, '70's on 7, etc.  And this is yet another song that would be great in the soundtrack for a tv show or movie.

"Girl Don't Come" was a 1964 song by Sandie Shaw.  Sandie Shaw was from Great Britain, and was the first winner of the Eurovision contest.  She had several British hits and performed frequently on tv, usually appearing barefoot as part of her image. 

This song was released in the UK in 1964, and made it to America by 1965.  It charted at #42 on the Billboard chart.  It probably would have gone higher if Sandie Shaw had been able to tour;  unfortunately, she was not able to obtain a work permit to travel to the U.S. to promote this single.

Later, Sandie Shaw got married and began pursuing acting and writing children's books.  Eventually she went back to school and became a psychotherapist.

Here's this week's song.  It's a jazzy little ballad with a distinctly 1960's sound.  What do you think?


Unknown said...

Loved this! I find "older music to be so relaxing and really refreshing compared to the super sexually saturated music on the radios today. Thanks for sharing this!

Susannah said...

I've never heard this song before but I really like it! Thanks for sharing this with us! ♡

Birdhouse Books said...

Thanks! I appreciate the visits.