Friday, October 30, 2015

Dear Abby - Pets in Halloween Costumes

Dear Friends,

I hear Halloween is coming very soon (i.e. tomorrow!).  I asked some of my friends if they had photos of their pets in Halloween costumes to share.  They sent some wonderful pictures, and I can't wait to share them with you!

First, let's see if you recognize this little dog:

Yes, you're right - it's me!   I don't mind wearing the angel wings, but my halo kept going crooked.

This is my friend Kobi dressed as a banana:

These are my dear friends Señor Miguel Luis y Señorita Lili.  They live in Mexico!

Here is my great pal Gizmo dressed as a pumpkin:

Gizmo likes to dress up!  This year he has a Yoda costume:

This is Louie dressed as Eeyore.  He is so cute!  I love Chihuahuas.

The next few pictures are of my late friend J.R.   He was a wonderful dachshund who lived a very long, wise life, and he ran lots of dachshund rescue fundraiser auctions.  He was considered a hero in the dachshund community because he helped so many rescue dogs!  J.R. in a jaunty cap:

J.R. as a cowboy:

J.R. as a bunny rabbit:

J.R. in hunting gear (remember dachshunds are naturally hunting dogs and were once trained to hunt for badgers!):

Here is Romy as the Tin Man:

Meet Remy as Dorothy:

This is Bogey as the Cowardly Lion:

Here are Bogey and Remy as Minions:

None of my kitty friends wanted to put on costumes for the holiday, but two of my guinea pig pals sent festive Autumn pictures!   This is Radar exploring some little pumpkins:

And here is Radar's sister, Magenta.  She looks ready for Fall too!

And just for good measure, here is one more picture of me, still in angel costume:

Wishing you a happy and safe Halloween!  Please remind your people to keep candy up high out of the reach of furbabies, and to provide a safe and secure place for pets indoors if trick or treaters are visiting your home.  Have fun, and please leave comments below!

Love and Halloween xxx's,



barbarakwrites said...

Abby, this is such a wonderful post. All your fur friends are simply adorable. And your costume is so fitting, as we know that you, and all other doggies (especially dachshunds), can do NO wrong. This blog post has left me smiling from ear to ear!

Mary Huckaby said...

Dear Angelic Abby,

Absolutely loved your post today!

Unknown said...

these are too cute! love the minions and the banana! And omg all of them haha :) so freaking adorable!

stop by and chat with me ♥

Abby said...

Dear friends,

Thanks for visiting! I loved reading your remarks. This was fun to blog about ... loved seeing my friends in costume!


Nichole said...

So cute! i loved seeing all the creative pics. Makes me wish we had thought of a costume for our "baby"!

Unknown said...

This was so awesome!! I loved this, hopefully there is another next year!! :-D

Lisa said...

Very cute! I love the Eeyore costume.

Becki S said...

Oh my goodness! Eeyore is my favorite out of these but there are quite a few that are adorable! Thanks for sharing =)

Abby said...

Dear friends,

Thanks so much for visiting! Ashley, great idea - I will put together another post for next year. It was fun seeing all the other pups in costumes!


Jheelam said...

These are so freaking cutes. I love the banana, the pumpkin, the minions so much. But obviously, Abby stole the show. Those petting birds, turtles or Goldfish must be feeling pretty sad this day. I mean, it'd take real talent to tailor Halloween costume for any of them. :P

Abby said...

Jheelam, thanks for your kind words!