Saturday, July 18, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping at Birdhouse Books: Vintage Valentines

Hi friends!  

I have some cute vintage Valentines for you this week.  (Yes, Valentine collectors love these little goodies year round.  They make cute unusual gifts, too!)   You'll find them:

Birdhouse Books on Etsy
Birdhouse Books on eBay

A little boy plays with a pink bunny rabbit on this vintage Valentine.  "You tickle me pink, dear."
 This cute 1960's Valentine shows a little boy gardening.  "Hi Valentine - I dig you."
The little football player on this vintage Valentine has a black eye.  "Valentine - stop kicking! I like you."

 A little boy peeks out of a mailbox on this vintage Valentine.  "To my pal - a special Valentine to say I like you!"

I love this Basset Hound vintage Valentine!  The Basset is smoking a pipe and wearing a detective hat.  "It's no pipe dream."
 This cute little cowboy bear is preparing a lasso.  What a cute vintage Valentine!
 A groovy drum major beats a big drum on this vintage Valentine.  "You can't be beat!"
 I hope you find some goodies here ... and wish you a happy weekend!


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