Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What are eBay Collections, and How Do I Use Them?

eBay now has a collections feature.  This is a fun feature with curated photos from eBay items, on a theme.   You can browse collections that other buyers and sellers have made, or you can make a collection yourself. 

It is easy to make a collection based on a theme.  You can make a collection of items you are selling, or just put one together of items you like.  For instance, you can search for astronaut Valentines.  Then click on an individual listing, as seen below.    You will see the option to "Add to Collection."  (I circled this in red, below.)

After you click on the "Add to Collection" option, the following will pop up.  You can create a new collection by choosing a name here.

It's easy and fun, and a nice way to save items that interest you.  You can find all my collections here:  eBay collections by Birdhouse Books.   If you'd like to explore what an individual collection looks like, here is an example:  vintage coloring books collection.

I hope you enjoy the collections posted here.  It's a fun way to visually enjoy some unique vintage items.

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