Saturday, April 18, 2015

Estate Sale Treasures

I went out treasure hunting today.  There weren't a lot of sales out there in quantity, but there were two wonderful estate sales.

I found this adorable vintage wooden Christmas ornament featuring a Dachshund and another little dog.  It's so cute that I included front and back pictures for you.  This little cutie will probably stay out in my study year-round.   It's rare for me to find "keeper" items at sales ... but this ornament is mine.  :-)

I also found this lovely Sound of Music Keepsake book.  This is my favorite movie - I couldn't resist!   This is my other "keeper" find from the day.

I found a box of vintage Christmas stocking holders that are about to get listed.  I am guessing these are 1970's vintage.  They are really cute!
And - I found many, many unused vintage Christmas cards, 1940's - 1970's.  Most have envelopes.  They are pretty fabulous!  I filled a 12" high box with all the unused cards.   These will be listed individually in my store.  I have Marjorie Cooper cards, Holly Hobbie, cards that fold out into Mid-Century paper ornaments, and more.  This picture is just from the top of the box - treasures inside!
Did you treasure hunt this weekend?  I would love to hear from you in the comments, below.


Solomon Valley's Two-Cents Worth said...

I was going through a box today and found some wonderful old items an old aluminum salt and pepper shaker and an old wooden tree trunk nut bowl. These are special because I remember them from back when I was a child, they were always at my grandma's house. My wife helped me pack up my mothers items after she passed and she must have grabbed these and I didn't notice til today...these will not be getting listed...!!!

Unknown said...

No treasure hunting for me, but I always enjoy seeing what you found. You do a great job of sniffing out goodies. Love the dachshund ornament!

Birdhouse Books said...

Thanks, Susan! I appreciate your visit.

Have a great week!