Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Vintage Valentines: A Picture Gallery

I have always loved vintage Valentines.  When I was a little girl, my family liked to antique together.  When we wandered through antique stores, I always looked at Valentines and holiday cards.   When I first heard of eBay, I browsed for vintage Dachshund Valentines.  And then I started selling.  I mostly sold vintage children's books at first, and then I added in vintage Valentines and vintage Christmas cards and ornaments.  I still love finding a big box of Valentines, scanning them, and listing them.  All of the cards pictured today are located in my stores:  eBay Valentines department, Etsy, and Bonanza

Here are a few of my latest vintage Valentines:

Three dogs in a barrel at sea.  This card is spectacular!  It is mechanical and the barrel rocks back and forth when you move it.

This heart-shaped card is 1920's vintage.  It features a little boy and girl under a big umbrella.  
 A sweet little bear has a plate of Valentine heart cookies.
Love this Mid-Century illustration of a girl in a fancy dress and hat.  "A Valentine for a Swell Sister."
Fun 1950's owl Valentine.  "Do I give a hoot for you, Valentine?"
Fun Mid-Century card for a husband -- includes several pages of illustrations:
 A cute kitten drinks an ice cream soda at a malt shop:
1920's or earlier card featuring a little girl with ringlets talking to a bird.  "I'm all of a twitter my Valentine."
This is an unusual mechanical Valentine!   The little girl's eyes open and close.  "Don't give me the shut-eye my Valentine."
A calico cat plays with yarn -- mechanical card.  (The cat's eyes move.)   "I love you and that's no yarn my Valentine!"
Fun Deco Valentine featuring a boy and girl fishing.  "If you're fishing for me use your heart as bait my Valentine."
This mechanical card features a dressed dog in a butcher shop chopping baloney.  The card is mechanical - his arm and the knife move.  "It's no baloney when I say I love you!"
I believe this older card is a Grace Drayton illustration.  It features a little girl with dumb bells who is exercising as her dog watches.  The card is mechanical -- the girl bends at the waist.  "I'm 'most reduced to tears, I'm so skeered I won't get the Valentine I want."
This mechanical card features a little girl in a flower hat that pulls up and down.  "Pansies tell what I can't conceal.  Look under my hat and see how I feel."
This is a fabulous mechanical card.  The little boy's arm and pig move back and forth.  "Tom, Tom the Piper's Son stole a pig one day - and as for you, your taking ways just steal my heart away!"
This is a lovely Charles Twelvetrees illustrated card.  It features a boy and girl on a toy horse:  "With your arms around me holding tight, we'll gallop on my hobby horse - 'cause love's in sight!  Be My Valentine."  The card has a honeycomb detail -- the horse's back folds out into a beautiful honeycomb.
Another Grace Drayton illustration.  (You will recognize her work from the Campbell soup kids.)   A boy and girl stand with an organ grinder and a monkey.  "Don't monkey with my heart - be my Valentine."  This is a mechanical card -- the boy's arm, the winding device, and the children's eyes all move.


mymomsbooks said...

What is it about Vintage cards?
Never grow tired of looking at them. They take us back to a simpler word.
Thanks for adding so many to view.

Birdhouse Books said...

Thanks, Suz! Yes, that is a good point about a simpler world ... I agree with you.