Monday, July 14, 2014

Music Monday - "I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself" - Dusty Springfield (1964)

My Music Monday song this week is "I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself" by Dusty Springfield.  This song was written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, and it was a hit in 1964.  I think it may be one of the best breakup songs ever, with lyrics including:

"I just don't know what to do with my time
I'm so lonesome for you it's a crime
Going to a movie only makes me sad
Parties make me feel as bad
When I'm not with you
I just don't know what to do"

I heard this song on XM Radio yesterday (60's on 6) and it has been stuck in my head ever since.  In this case, with such a great song, this is not a bad thing ... so I'm passing it along to you.


Viyoma said...

Wow nice song...

Unknown said...

That's a good one, but my Bacharach fave is still "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head."

Anonymous said...

Do you think, Trish, that they could've written this song today? How would it have been different? THANKS for the memories ... HUGS <3

Birdhouse Books said...

Thanks for the comments.

Judy, I think this song is very much of its time, which I like ... I love older music. That said, I think Adele could do an amazing cover of this song if she felt inclined!

Mary Huckaby said...

I haven't heard this song...but I DO like it. The only songs by Dusty Springfield that I really remember is "You don't have to say you love me" and "Son of a Preacher Man."

Bob Gilliland said...

I still dig her work even more as time passes. Her "Dusty In Memphis" album is still a must have for the collection.

Agree with what you wrote in the comments about Adele. There is a whole sub-culture of Soul and R&B going on that is making new songs using the classic style as the template. I think she could do an album of covers that would be top notch. If she hooked up with some of the Daptone Records crowd and produced some new stuff I think she could blow a lot of folks away.

Birdhouse Books said...

Mary, I love "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" - another of my favorite songs.

Birdhouse Books said...

Bobby, I think I need to find a CD of Dusty in Memphis!

I agree about the new classic soul style music ... I really love it too.