Friday, October 15, 2010

The Golden Magazine for Boys and Girls, 1960s Vintage

Growing up, I remember that my favorite magazine was Jack and Jill, which we subscribed to.  I don't think I've ever seen The Golden Magazine for Boys and Girls before last week, when I found a box of these magazines in beautiful condition at an estate sale.  This magazine was published by The Golden Press, the publisher of Little Golden Books, and the illustrations and stories have a lot of cross-over.  They are so much fun to look through!  I wanted to share a few of these 1960's vintage magazine pages with you.  If you'd like to see the rest you will find them in my store - just click this link to visit Birdhouse Books.  This is a Halloween cover from 1967 - gorgeous art work!

Lots of great stories and art work, like this Halloween story illustrated by George and Irma Wilde:

A glimpse at childhood in the 1960's, like these Beatles and Monkees coathangers.  I want a Peter Tork clothes hanger!

Betty Crocker recipes for children -- great Mid Century illustrations:

Paper Dolls!  These are so cute!

My favorite - activity page cutouts like these gorgeous Valentines!


Mary in Wisconsin said...

I grew up with these magazines! My mom got them for our family of 7 kids. I was born in 1959, but I remember the covers and even some of the stories even though I was only 6 years old or so. They were wonderful magazines for children and we enjoyed them so much. My mother always wanted to encourage us to read, and these really did the trick!

Birdhouse Books said...

That is so neat! I know I would have loved them as a child.

Jackie said...

I loved my Golden Magazines as a child, and waited anxiously for their monthly arrival. I read them cover to cover many times, and saved them religiously, and finally gave a stack to one of my teachers. I still remember many of the stories and poems. One, I think, may have been in this issue: We'll remember Halloween/and shivers that we shared./And what great fun it was to run/from being almost scared. I think this issue might have also had the problem at goblin's ditch, about which witch was witch?

Birdhouse Books said...

Jackie, that is so neat! I have only seen Golden Magazines when I had them in my shop a few years ago. They are really delightful. The illustrations are amazing! I grew up with Jack and Jill magazine (I had a subscription) and that is another fun vintage magazine for children.

Prairiewinkle said...

Does anyone remember the story about all saints day, dia de los muertos and San Isidro? I am trying to find it.

Birdhouse Books said...

Prairiewinkle, is this the story you are looking for? I found a reference at another blog -- it looks like it was in the April 1967 issue:

Hope this helps! A tip -- you can set up a search at eBay and get search reminders if your item is found. I have found some vintage children's books I was looking for that way.