Monday, August 23, 2010

More Special Dachshund Auctions

I am really happy to list some more beautiful Dachshund items from our dear friend Sabrina Su (Beanie Su).  Wanted to share a little photo gallery with you. 

This little red Dachshund sits on a pedestal marked "I Love My Dachshund:"

This figurine is vintage, and a lovely shade of gray, with such a smart-looking little Dachshund:

I love the beautiful detail on this red and brown vintage Dachshund figurine.  Look at the Dachsie's tail tucked shyly underneath:

This sweet photo magnet has a red Dachshund and her black Dachshund buddy - so sweet!

A charming black and red Dachshund is made of beautifully crafted ceramic pottery, ready to hang on the Christmas tree:

New with Tags -- Dachshund hot dog socks by Cherokee in pale pink.

What cute Dachshund slippers in soft pale yellow!  A little red Dachshund watches a butterfly at play.

And this is our adorable friend Sabrina Su (Beanie Su), who just celebrated her Sweet 16 birthday!

You can find all these great Dachshund items -- with many more -- in my store at:  special Dachshund listings at Birdhouse Books.

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