Wednesday, June 3, 2009

British Pub Songs - and Elsa Lanchester

When I was in college, I worked for a time as a waitress at a British pub. Once a week an older lady came in and played British pub songs on the piano. I just found this CD to list and think it is great fun. It's by Elsa Lanchester - The Bride of Frankenstein - and she is singing Bawdy Cockney Songs. It's such a hoot that I couldn't resist passing a song list along:

Fiji Fanny
At the Drive In
Please Sell No More Drink to My Father
When a Lady Has a Piazza
Linda and Her Londonderry Air
If You Peek in My Gazebo
Catalog Woman
Rat Catcher's Daughter
Never Go Walking Without Your Hat Pin
The Husband's Clock
Lola's Saucepan
The Yashmak Song
Faith, Hope and Charity
Little Fred
I'm Glad to See Your Back
My New York Slip
The Janitor's Boy
The Ruined Maid
Mrs. Badger-Butts

I love unusual finds like this - they make my eBay day interesting!

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