Friday, December 14, 2007

Never throw away an empty vintage box!

I learned a while back -- never throw away an empty vintage box. List it on eBay!

I listed these boxes on eBay and they sold for over $30. They are Christmas gift boxes from Rich's Department Store -- an old fashioned (now long gone) store chain from Atlanta. Rich's had fun Christmas festivities, including the lighting of the Great Tree downtown and the Pink Pig (a cute little monorail for children):

You'll find more information about Rich's on Wikipedia:  Rich's Department Store.

I have a history with empty boxes on eBay. One of my favorite sales was a toy box lid (not the complete box). I bought a big bunch of cute vintage Marx dollhouse furniture at a local yardsale. The seller put it in a box lid. I brought it home and found the box lid was from a toy similar to Mr. Potato Head -- but featuring other fruit and vegetables (I remember a green pepper and an orange). The box lid went for $107!

I love those empty boxes.

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