Friday, November 27, 2015

Dear Abby - Thankful, A Roundup

Dear Friends,

I hope you had an extra nice Thanksgiving!  I had a fun day with company and treats, and am taking it easy today.   Above you'll find a Calling All Girls magazine cover from 1960.   I hope the doxie with the wishbone gets her wish!

This day after Thanksgiving I would love to share a roundup of past posts with you ... things that I am thankful for.

I am thankful for family:
My first post here, with my rescue story
Remembering my brother, Barney Fife (1997 - 2014) 
My 6th birthday!

I am thankful for dachshund books:
David Hockney's Dog Days 
Katie and the Puppy Next Door
My favorite dachshund book
A dachshund's life in 1963 

I am thankful for fun dog videos:
Dachshund puppy with an iPad 
A special dog train
"I'm a Dachshund" song 
I am thankful for cute dachshund photos and illustrations:
Dachshund postcards
How to Be a Dachshund 
Dachshund pictures from Pinterest
Pets in Halloween costumes
Calling All Girls - vintage Halloween covers

I am also very thankful to YOU for visiting my blog and giving me the opportunity to share dog posts with you here.   I love my blog friends!

Love and xoxoxo,