Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Fave - Bonanza: The Site, Not the Show!

I was a little girl during the time of Bonanza, a long-running western starring Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker, and Michael Landon.  The show was fun, although we were not huge fans of westerns in my family.  The Bonanza I'm recommending today is not the retro tv show, but the site.

Bonanza is a great site and one that fans of vintage, handmade, and online selling/buying will enjoy.  It is a beautifully designed site.  You'll see a rotating hand-picked list on the front page.  If you click on Community (top of the screen), you'll find a friendly and vibrant community of vintage sellers and buyers.

I have sold at Bonanza for a while.  It is super easy to import eBay items (takes about 10 minutes a week).  Listing there is free (!), and end fees are reasonable.  The customer service at this site is friendly, responsive via email, and helpful.  I've also purchased at Bonanza, with positive experiences.  Sellers at this site tend to love it and have a great enthusiasm for the venue.

You can find my Bonanza booth (store) here:  Birdhouse Books on Bonanza.  I love the store layout, and the little "chat" box on each store page.   

Of course, you'll also find the cute little vintage cowgirl Valentine on Bonanza as well!

Hope you enjoy exploring Bonanza!