Friday, January 7, 2022

Remembering Abby (2009 - 2021)

Dear Friends,

I will begin exactly as Abby always did, with that greeting. She considered everyone her friend, so it was a fitting way for her to start.

I am sad to share the news that my very dear Abby passed away on December 31. She developed signs of bloat in the overnight hours. We rushed her to the emergency vet, and they were doing tests and a procedure to relieve bloating before starting surgery. During this process, her heart, her big sweet heart, gave out. The emergency vet and our longtime vet said her heart was weakened by her 18 month battle with Cushing's.

To say that I was shocked and that I am devastated and heartbroken is an understatement. Abby has been my constant, my companion, and my sweetest friend since 2010.  The house is very empty without her happy noises and barks and the sound of her toenails on the wood floors.

Abby was a Dachshund - Jack Russell mix, born sometime in 2009, by our best estimate. She came to live with me in 2010. My sweet girl Lucy had passed away after years of health struggles. A puppy mill dachshund, she dealt with back problems, IMHA, Cushing's and ITP over her lifetime. Her beloved brother, Barney Fife and I missed her so much.  I knew Barney needed a friend.

My friend Nancy posted a lovely obituary for Lucy at a website hosted by All Texas Dachshund Rescue, and I visited the site. By chance I saw a little face that I connected with. This was my first glimpse of Abby:

It was a long two months working out logistics of a long-distance rescue and transport across country for Abby. A wonderful man who did rescue transports to help dachshunds carried Abby, with other dachshunds, on an RV rescue transport.  When she got out of the RV on August 25, 2010, she snuggled immediately into my arms and I knew that I would always love her.

Abby and Barney had an instant connection and were the very best of friends and siblings.  I love this photo that shows the sheer joy of their first day together, walking outside.

There was a big dog bed in my study, and it was a place they loved to snuggle while they slept or watched me work.

Abby loved walks and loved meeting friends. She loved people, including children, dogs, cats, and even a bunny rabbit that she met on one occasion (a neighbor child's pet).

She liked to help! She followed me wherever I went. Here she is helping me change closets - by nestling under a folded top.

Her first Christmas, my friend gave me slippers that looked just like Abby - and she of course immediately appropriated them!

Christmases with Abby were sweet. She loved toys (mostly for snuggling, more than playing) and treats and - more than anything - company and attention.

She helped me watch TV and began blogging. For a while she helped recap Downton Abbey episodes.

In 2014, when my sweet boy Barney Fife passed at the age of 17, Abby was my greatest comfort. In this photo she is watching me work, snuggling on her dog bed with Barney's fuzzy dog toy just behind her.

Abby was patient about dressing up for birthdays or special occasions -- as long as the clothes came off pretty quickly!

This was the most fitting Halloween costume ever.

Abby with one of her favorite toys, a little orange witch dachshund.

Abby snuggling up and ready for a belly rub - always ready for love.

Abby was the very best girl. She was sweet, patient, loving, gentle.  She loved me from the moment we met and I felt exactly the same way. I will miss her always.


Trish, in honor of Abby, and with XOXO as she would wish