Monday, June 23, 2014

Music Monday - "You and Me" by Penny and the Quarters

I just discovered "You and Me" by Penny and the Quarters, and I cannot stop playing it.  Here's how it happened:  I was out yard saling with my friend Dave.  We were taking a break and he mentioned this song, which he had just discovered on AM 1690.  (1690 "The Voice of the Arts" is a great radio station - the most diverse playlist ever.  They stream online and are available on TuneIn radio. Check them out!)  Dave had the song on his phone, so we passed it back and forth, like an old fashioned transistor radio, listening to this song.  

"You and Me" was recorded as a demo record between 1970 - 1975 at Harmonic Sounds Studio.   It has a sort of dimestore recording booth sound.  The vocals, by teenage singers, are amazing.  The song is sung by Jay Robinson (lead male) and Nannie Sharp (lead female, pictured above).  This song was not released until 2006, when the contents of the recording studio were sold.   "You and Me" was released by an archival recording company that releases lost soul music songs.  Actor Ryan Gosling heard it and liked it so much that he suggested this song for the soundtrack of Blue Valentine.   

I really love this song and think it is a treasure.  I hope you do, too!