Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dachshund Buyer Meets Dachshund Toy

One of my cutest buyers ever checks out his purchase!   Brewster makes friends with the cute Dachshund toy he purchased.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Elephant Bride Mechanical Valentine, 1920s to 1930s

Most of you know that vintage Valentines are some of my favorite things.  Other than my personal favorites - dog Valentines - I will admit that mechanical Valentines hold a special place in my heart.  These are fun little Valentines with moving parts.  They were very popular with children in the 1920's and 1930's.   I have a number of them in my store -- mechanical Valentines at Birdhouse Books -- and I listed a special one yesterday.   This Valentine depicts a blushing elephant bride.  As she shyly lifts her bouquet to her face, you will see that there is a little Valentine card underneath.  Very sweet -- and very unusual!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mrs. Georgia Recipe Book 1965

I love finding unusual cookbooks that give a glimpse at another time, and the way people lived then.   This cookbook does all these things.  It is the Mrs. Georgia Recipe Book from 1965 - click here to see the Mrs. Georgia cookbook.  This book was originally a giveaway from the Atlanta Gas Company.  Note the photo of the woman posing happily by her new stove!  It features photos of contestants in the Mrs. Georgia pageant, along with litle bios and their favorite recipes.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Remember Liddle Kiddles?

During my childhood I loved little dolls:  Liddle Kiddles, Storykins, Rockflowers, Dawn and Friends, Flatsy dolls, and more.  I also loved dollhouses!   It was so much fun to find this 1966 Mattel Cape Cod dollhouse last weekend -- the perfect scale for Liddle Kiddles.  I was tempted to keep it, but I'm in a big "Project Declutter" here, so I put it on eBay:  Liddle Kiddles dollhouse.  Love the style of colorful graphics on this vinyl dollhouse.   Be sure to look for the little Dachshund dogs on front and back of house!

An Amazing Estate Sale

I recently went to an amazing estate sale.  It was the estate of a 104 year old woman who was a retired music teacher.  She had lived in the same house for years, and there were vintage treasures from basement to attic.   I went with my best friend, who is an architect interested in interior design and all things vintage, and we spent hours going through the treasures in this house.  I found 3 boxes of goodies that I am currently listing on eBay.  There was such amazing variety that I wanted to share a few with you.

This vintage cookbook is called Sunday Night Suppers, and it's a 1956 Culinary Arts book.  The Mid-Century illustrations throughout are wonderful!

This is a rare book -- a Centennial celebration (1820 - 1920) of Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church in Oglethorpe County, Georgia.

I found many beautiful vintage music books - and this is one of them.  It's Music Fun, Book 3, and it's a 1946 music theory activity book.

Tone Matching Tunes for Singing and Playing is a hard to find 1940 music book.  It was written by Lottie Ellsworth Coit and Ruth Bampton and illustrated by Ditzy Baker.  It has many beautiful full page illustrations -- and don't you love the name Ditzy Baker?

Follow the Music - Games for Home and School is a 1948 book of musical games for children.   Gorgeous baby boomer vintage illustrations, including the cover picture of children and a longhaired Dachshund dog having a musical parade.  So cute!  This was written by Lottie Ellsowrth Coit and Ruth Bampton with illustrations by Martha Powell Satchell.

Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas for 1961 is a big, oversized magazine with great photos and retro Christmas decorating ideas.

Vintage Christmas gift wrap box lids from Rich's department store and Davison's department store in  Atlanta.  I have done well vintage vintage boxes and box lids in the past (including a toy box lid that sold for well over $100), so had to list these on eBay:

This is Atlanta is a lovely 1973 photo book with pictures of Atlanta in the early 1970's -- Six Flags Over Georgia when it was still new, Underground Atlanta, and so much more:

All of these vintage goodies are in my store:  click here to visit Birdhouse Books

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some Special Dachshund Auctions

Some special Dachshund friends -- Titus, Tazeroo, and Louie -- sent me a big box of beautiful Dachshund items to auction, in memory of my Dachshund Lucy Ricardo.  (Thank you so much!)  There are so many fabulous items listed that I wanted to share a few photos with you.  They are all found at:  Dachshund Auctions

Dachshund stuffed toy from Macy's Charter Club (limited edition collectible)

Dachshund bookmark handmade in Italy

Truly beautiful hand beaded necklace and earring set by Fran Beaded This, made of red and black glass and ceramic beads

Resin dachshund tape dispenser - so cute and unique!

Dachshund letter holder / desk organizer ... vintage and adorable.  There was one of these in the TV show Mad Men.

Vintage dachshund cracker or cookie tray - a beautiful caramel color ceramic

Beautiful handcrafted Dachshunds in sweaters photo album and tote bag (handmade by our dear friend Claudius, the sewing dachshund)

Wow! -- gold beaded dachshund change purse

Hard to find Dakin Dream Pet -- a Dachshund in graduation mortar board hat.  Vintage and charming stuffed toy:

Dachshund dresser valet with space for change and for wallet -- vintage, with lots of Mid Century Modern charm:

Dachshund purse -- unique!  AS & Co., Made in Italy

Friday, July 9, 2010

Celebrating - Finally Reached 5000 Feedback

Hooray!  I finally reached 5000 feedback tonight on eBay and got a shiny new color star.  This was a long time coming, so I'm celebrating just a bit:  new star

Vintage Swap Trading Cards Featuring Dogs

These beautiful 1940's - 1950's vintage swap trading cards feature a dog picture on one side, and they are blank on the back.  As a fan of both ephemera and vintage dog items, I really enjoyed scanning, researching, and listing these cards.

This especially nice card features a Gladys Emerson Cook illustration of a blonde cocker spaniel and a tabby cat in front of a door marked "Quiet Please":

A cute little Wirehair Fox Terrier rides a scooter:

This mischievous little Cocker Spaniel puppy, searching through a purse, reminds me of a Gustaf Tenggren Little Golden Book illustration:

A cute little Cocker Spaniel dog wears a cowboy hat and rides a rocking horse, while brandishing a lariat:

Monday, July 5, 2010

Christmas in July on eBay with your Online Business Success OBS Friends

I belong to a wonderful eBay seller's group called Online Business Success (OBS).  We are celebrating with a big Christmas in July event.   The participating members, below, are having month long sales at our eBay stores.   You will find great treasures on vintage and new items of all varieties.   I hope you'll drop by and visit this month!  The links below are clickable:

Birdhouse Books (15% storewide sale through July;  25% - 50% sales on vintage sewing patterns and music CDs)

Kats Kloset (5% sale)

Book Corner Cafe (15% sale)

FamilyNiteMovies (15% sale)

My Moms Books (20%  after July 10)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Christmas in July at Bonanzle

I'm enjoying participating at the Christmas in July event at Bonanzle, and hope you'll stop by:  Birdhouse Books at Bonanzle.  I'm offering a 15% off discount, storewide, with coupon code:  ChristmasInJuly.  It's a fun event at a GREAT site!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Early 1900's RPPC (Real Photo Post Card) of Little Boy with Jack Russell Dogs

I love vintage dog photos!   This early 1900's card has an inset photo of a little boy with two Jack Russell dogs.   Too sweet not to share!  This card is online at Vintage Postcard - RPPC - Child with Two Jack Russell Terrier Dogs

Friday, July 2, 2010

Unusual Vintage Christmas Card with Real Hair

This is such an unusual Christmas card!  It is about 6.5" high and is die-cut with an easel back, so it will stand for display.  The picture shows a little girl and her terrier dog.  The little girl has real hair!   She is pulling a log.  I believe this is an unsigned illustration by Jason Freixas -- very nice!  If you'd like to peek online this card is at:  Vintage Christmas Card - Little Girl with Real Hair, and Sweet Terrier Dog.