Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby Boomer Vintage Valentines

One of my favorite things to list is baby boomer Valentine cards for children.   These cards are die-cuts.  The colors are bright and crisp.  The children featured in these cards are typically participating in fun activities, and are often accompanied by cute cats or dogs.   I love the way these cards evoke an earlier time;  they are so sweet and nostalgic.  You'll find these cards, and more, here:  Vintage Valentines at Birdhouse Books

A little girl writes on a slate.  She is accompanied by her Dachshund dog.

A little girl roller skates - along with her white kitten:

A little cowgirl walks her parti-color Cocker Spaniel dog:

A girl rides on a Vespa style motor scooter along with her white kitten: