Sunday, February 15, 2015

Downton Abbey - Season 5, Episode 7

Things I DIDN'T Like About This Week's Episode:

1. Isis was diagnosed with cancer, and Cora and Robert put her in bed between them for the night as she was about to pass.  This scene just did me in.

2. Tom (my favorite character) is planning to move to America with Sybil.

3.  Isobel (my second favorite character) was treated with unbearable rudeness by Lord Merton's sons at a dinner party celebrating her engagement.

Things I DID Like About This Week's Episode:

1. Rose and Atticus are engaged.  I think they are the most adorable Downton couple ever, and I hope their romance continues to be a happy one.

2. Cora found out about Edith and Marigold, and they worked out a plan for Edith to adopt Marigold openly and live at Downton.  Finally a hopeful resolution for this long, sad storyline!

3. Daisy, Baxter, and Molesley visited Mr. Mason at his farm.  Mr. Mason is as lovable as ever, and he encouraged Daisy to continue her studies. 

4. Mary found resolution with Tony Gillingham, as Charles helped her stage a flirtation to signal that she was truly done with the Gillingham romance and wanted him to move on.

Line of the Night:
"I'd say she takes after the dachshund, M'Lady." (Sprat to the Dowager Countess, about new maid Danke) 
"In what way?" 
"She's QUITE untrainable."
As a lifelong dachshund person, that had to make me laugh.

What did you think of tonight's episode?  I would love to hear from you in the comments, below.