Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Did You Know Tuesday - Slip 'n Slide

Do you remember playing with Slip 'n Slide in the backyard during your childhood?  I loved all water toys (Slip 'n' Slide, Water Wiggle, water pistols, and of course little swimming pools!), so of course I loved this.  (Plus we had a little hill in the backyard!)

The Slip 'n' Slide is a long sheet of plastic, with a tubular fold on one side.  A garden hose is connected to the fold, so water sprays onto the plastic.   Outside on a hot summer day (especially on a sloping surface), this provided lots of childhood fun in retro days.

The Slip 'n Slide was invented in 1961 by Robert Carrier, and marketed by Wham-O toys.  Robert Carrier was an upholsterer for a boat company, and was inspired to make the toy after seeing his son sliding in a stream of water outside.  300,000 Slip 'n Slides sold in the first six months of sales. 

Here is a 1972 commercial by Wham-O for Water Wiggle and Slip 'N Slide.  (I loved both these summer toys!)

Do you remember Slip 'n' Slide?   What other summer water toys did you enjoy?  I'd love to hear from you in the comments, below.