Saturday, February 6, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping at Birdhouse Books

Valentines, Valentines, and more Valentines at my store this week! I am having lots of fun going through vintage cards to list. I will continue with the Valentine listings next week as well.  You will find all my Valentines -- as well as vintage children's books and more -- at Birdhouse Books.

This groovy 1960's vintage Valentine features an adorable Basset Hound.

This vintage Valentine postcard is Whitney Made, and features a little boy and girl holding hands.

This vintage Valentine postcard shows a sweet little boy and girl sitting together in an arm chair.

A boy and girl flirt shyly on this 1920's vintage Valentine postcard.

This 1908 vintage Valentine postcard features two cherubs and a big red heart.

A cute little girl stands in front of a bank on this vintage Valentine.

A child dressed as a clown in a circus plays with two Jack Russell Terrier dogs on this vintage Valentine.

A little boy in a clown costume juggles a ball on this mechanical vintage Valentine.

A little girl rides a see saw with her dog on this mechanical 1920's vintage Valentine.
A little boy wants to protect his love from wolves on this Valentine - 1920's vintage.

This 1950's vintage Valentine features a little boy bowling.

A shoeshine boy polishes a girl's shoes on this 1950's vintage Valentine by A-Meri-Card.
An adorable dressed girl terrier dog talks on the phone on this 1950's A-Meri-Card vintage Valentine.

A sweet little girl stands under a pink umbrella on this vintage Valentine.  "Showers of Love!"
A little stuffed toy cat is decorated with flocking and glitter on this vintage Valentine.
More cuteness waits at Birdhouse Books - I hope you'll stop by!