Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Item of the Day: Dune Rides at Glen Haven C2798 Michigan RPPC

I love Real Photo Postcards.  These are postcards that are made, as the name indicates, from a photograph.  They have a glossy finish, like a picture.   This RPPC is from Glen Haven, Michigan -- a beautiful beach / shore scene.  It is titled:  Dune Rides at Glen Haven C2798.   The card is printed by EKC, which dates it as 1939 to 1950.   I think it's an especially nice card, and it would look great framed!   You'll find it here:  RPPC from Glen Haven, Michigan

Monday, September 26, 2011

Vintage Cat Postcards are the Cat's Meow

I love vintage cat postcards, and wanted to share some pictures with you!   There are some real cuties here.  They are in my store at Birdhouse Books

1909 RPPC - photo postcard.  Captioned:  Cat on the Warpath.

Especially cute (my favorite cat card).  Four kittens sit on a tree branch - Greetings from the Catskills:

1906 signed cat photo postcard captioned Innocence.

1911 Tabby Cat illustration.  The cat puts his paw in an inkwell in order to send a message.

Again, these great cat cards (and more!) are located in my store at Birdhouse Books.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vintage Dog Postcards at Birdhouse Books

I'm delighted to add these vintage dog postcards to my store, Birdhouse Books.   Just wanted to share some great vintage dog images with you!

A beautiful Wirehair Fox Terrier dog resting in a horseshoe - illustration by Taylor - 1940.

A Patient Playmate - a beautiful Jack Russell dog meets a cat peacefully.  1910 postmark.

A Dachshund wraps himself around a palm tree - unusual Art Deco design card.

An English Springer Spaniel dog watches some beautiful cats drink milk.  

A hound dog watches a romantic couple kiss in silhouette.  1911 postmark.  Illustration by F.R. Morgan.  

You'll find these vintage dog postcards, and more, at Birdhouse Books - just click here!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vintage Variety at Birdhouse Books

I've had so much fun putting together a really varied selection of new vintage listings today at Birdhouse Books.   They are so unique and interesting that I wanted to share with you!

1920's to 1930's vintage Valentine of a little girl walking a Cocker Spaniel puppy dog:

Wish You Were Here vintage travel postcard from the 1964 - 1965 New York World's Fair -- love the Mid Century design!

The Captain John Smith Motor Lodge - a great retro motel in Williamsburg, Virginia:

Love vintage shopping malls, and this interior photo is wonderful!   Midland Mall in Warwick, Rhode Island (open 1967 - 1994, but I would date this card as 1960's to 1970's):

A vintage cookbook from George Neely's Lamplighter Restaurant of Tuscaloosa, Alabama:

A charming World War II vintage school reader for children -- 1941 -- Rides and Slides in the Alice and Jerry school reader series:

A 1967 picture book by Margaret Wise Brown, The Noisy Book: 

The Book of Bed Jackets by Bernat -- hard to find and fabulous fun to knit and crochet!

These little treasures are all at Birdhouse Books on eBay - click here to see these and more!