Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Christmas Rush - Tips for Improving Sales

The Christmas rush has begun on eBay! I have had slim listings the last week because I've been busy packing and shipping.

A few tips to improve sales:

(1) Raise prices.
(2) Lower prices.
(3) Pull some store items to Fixed Price 30 days (higher visibility).
(4) Run a series of short sales (i.e. cookbooks on sale for 5 days, then children's books on sale for 7 days, then jewelry on sale for 4 days).
(5) Use Best Offer on your Fixed Price and Store listings. I am a huge fan of Best Offer ... it generates lots of sales!
(6) Be sure all Christmas items have the word CHRISTMAS in the title.

Just a few ideas ... I've done these for several years and they work!