Saturday, March 26, 2016

What a Vintage Seller Does On Her Day Off

I have had a long work week, and took the day off.  I wanted to do something that was a change of pace ... so what did I pick?  Antique malls, of course!

I took a few photos to share with you.  A glimpse inside one of the antique malls - this one had an upstairs and downstairs:

A souvenir hula skirt.  I remember these at Florida tourist shops.  The outside of the package has layers of tissue paper, but if you look inside the tissue paper you see the actual hula skirt (two pictures below).

Tight Squeeze game -- looks like it was marketed for 1960's teens.  I've never heard of this before!

A capiz shell light fixture - so retro!

This great modern light fixture was actually from Ikea -- they evidently have this in a smaller size too.  I heard that and started thinking about where I could put a smaller fixture like this in my home.  I love it!

An antique stove that still works.  WANT.

 A dachshund cushion - with doxie in silhouette.  So sweet!   I did get a little dachshund figurine at one of the malls;  it's already out in my study.

A little cardboard house.  Very cute!

 I love everything about this Mid-Century living room set.

 I also love this Mid-Century hutch.

Cotton!  What a surprise to see this.  I remember seeing fields of cotton when we went on trips to my grandparents' house.  This took me back.

The Partridge Family Album.  I see this and am suddenly 8 years old.  I am pretty sure I still know all the lyrics from these songs by heart.

 A coupon saving file -- I still have this exact file.  I had no idea it was now vintage.

Jadeite salt and pepper sets.

A cute dachshund salt and pepper set - dachshunds in sweaters.

 Salt and peppers of dogs in doghouses.

 Kissing dachshunds - I found this set at an estate sale a few weeks ago and kept it for my little doxie shelf.

 A toy ice cream maker.  I had a set similar to this (a bit later vintage) as a child.  I remember you turned the little handle to make ice cream.  It never got quite as firm as ice cream usually is, but it still tasted good to me.   I also included a picture of the box package.

I don't collect restaurant menus, but I love food history, and could easily start collecting these.  This neat 1950's menu is from The Hotel Monteleone Coffee Shop in New Orleans.   

So there you have it - just a few fun pics.  I hope you're having a fun weekend!