Monday, February 10, 2014

Music Monday - The Beatles - The Night Before (Official Video)

Do you have a favorite Beatles song?  Mine changes from time to time, but I usually come back to "The Night Before."  This song was featured in the movie Help! (1965).  It was written by Paul McCartney, and he also sings lead in the song.   It has the urgency of a fresh break-up, with lyrics like:

"We said our goodbye, ah, the night before
Love was in your eyes, ah, the night before
Now today I find you have changed your mind
Treat me like you did the night before."

I also love the interplay of guitar and vocals on this song.

How about you -- do you have a favorite Beatles song?  I hope you'll tell me about it in the comments below.

This Little Piggie: Downton Abbey, Season 4, Episode 6

Last night was another very good episode of Downton Abbey.   The show started with Lord Grantham leaving for the United States to help Cora's brother out of his financial and legal woes.  Thomas travelled with him as valet after Mary learned (from Mrs. Hughes) about Anna's rape and her need to keep Bates at home for support.

In the absence of Lord Grantham, a lot happened.   Evelyn Napier confessed to a sort of crush on Mary, which she seemed to brush off.   

When pigs for the farm appeared, Charles Blake and Mary went to see them.  It turns out that Blake is from a farm family and realized the pigs desperately needed water.  Blake and Mary worked late into the night with the pigs, getting very muddy, and finally sat down for a rest in the barn.  They had a laugh or two and even threw mud at each other.  Blake was charming and had a Colin Firth quality (very high praise indeed!).  Mary was likable.  They went back to Downton Abbey and she scrambled eggs, which they sat eating in the kitchen, still in their muddy clothes.  I loved the Mary and Blake storyline!
Meanwhile, Edith went to London and Rose tagged along.  Rose's motive was to see Jack Ross.  Their romance blossomed as they kissed in a row boat.

Did you know that Jack Ross's character is said to be inspired by real life jazz singer Leslie ("Hutch") Hutchinson?    He performed in New York and London, and was rumored to have had affairs with Edwina Mountbatten, Tallulah Bankhead, Merle Oberon, and Cole Porter.

Edith confessed her secret pregnancy to her Aunt Rosamond, and went to an abortion clinic.  At the very last minute she changed her mind, and went back to Rosamond's house to pack to go home.  I think from the trailers for next week that we will see that Edith has a plan.   Does it involve marrying a local farmer?

Tom went to a political rally and met cute with a pretty woman in the audience.   They talked for a bit after the rally and he said:  "I don't know what I am, except a man in search of a better world."   Will she reappear again, or is this just a sign that Tom is moving on with his life?

The Dowager Countess fell ill, and Isobel nursed her back to health, with help from Dr. Clarkson.  When she felt better, the Dowager seemed surprised that she developed more of a bond with Isobel.  There is a great exchange:

Dr. Clarkson: You’ll be rewarded in heaven.  
Violet: The sooner the better.

Lord Gillingham returned to the Abbey with his evil valet, Green.  Mrs. Hughes cornered Green and said, "If you value your life I should stop playing the joker and keep to the shadows."   Green is such a scary character that I was afraid for Mrs. Hughes.  He seemed to think everything was all a great joke.  I believe that Bates has figured out the truth. Look at the stink eye he is giving to Green in this screen shot:

Overall, I found this a very interesting and satisfying episode.  What did you think?  Should Mary choose Blake, Napier, or Gillingham?   What do you think Edith will do about her baby?   Do you think that Bates will extract revenge?   I hope you'll leave a comment below.