Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Trip to the DeKalb Farmers Market

Today is the second day of a long holiday weekend, and this morning I got together with my best friend for breakfast at our favorite deli and shopping.  We ended the morning at the DeKalb Farmers Market in Decatur (Atlanta).  This is a huge 140,000 square foot farmers market.  It is a world market, with produce and packaged foods from all over the world.  The employees also have diverse backgrounds, and they wear a list of all the languages they speak on their name tags.   

Saturday, especially on a holiday weekend, is not an ideal time to shop here because it is VERY crowded.  I wish I had taken a photo of the parking lot.  It was full!

I love going to the farmers market, and wanted to share the experience with you here.

The DeKalb Farmers Market is at 3000 E. Ponce de Leon Avenue, Decatur.  This is just a few blocks from the Decatur MARTA station, between Decatur and Scottdale.  It is part of the metro Atlanta area.

The landscaping is really nice.
This is the market as you first drive into the parking lot.
A view of the market from the center of the store, looking down.  This picture gives you an idea of how big the farmers market is.
The flags overhead represent the world market.

I love the imported Italian pasta!
Look at this variety of lentils:
Here is a glimpse of the HUGE produce section.  If you can think of any favorite fruit or vegetable, you can find it here.
The market stocks their own packaged spices.  They have a great variety, and the prices are terrific.
Tofu!  They have a number of varieties, including baked tofu.  I'm a longtime vegetarian, and this is a great place for vegetarian and vegan shoppers.
Georgia Peaches.  I just had to take a picture. 
Yes, we have some bananas!
The farmers market has a wonderful selection of cut flowers (again, very cheap!).
I love the range of colors here.
The market has a great selection of fresh baked bread.  I love their croissants!
They have a big cafeteria with a couple of lines of food, including hot dishes and a salad bar.
Soy cheese and Lightlife vegetarian products including Tofu Pups and lunch slices.  I am a big Lightlife fan!
If you like homemade pizza, fresh pasta sauce - and of course homemade pasta as well - you'll find a nice selection here.
And just by the huge room (!) of cashiers, you'll find a great selection of coffee:
I had fun on my visit to the farmers market today, and hope you enjoyed this little photo tour as well.