Thursday, December 29, 2011

Newly Arrived - Vintage Valentines

I'm excited about the fabulous range of vintage Valentines that I just added to my store, Birdhouse Books on eBay, and wanted to share a few of them with you.

This mechanical Valentine features a cabaret singer.  I think she looks like Mae West, but my friend suggested she looks like Jean Harlow.  This is a 1930's vintage card.  As you move the feather in the singer's cap, her eyes also move.   Very unique!

An adorable Beagle guards this combination safe.  The safe door opens!

This cute little Cocker Spaniel is an artist.  The card is easel back, so it stands for display.  The painting on the little artist's easel lifts, with another picture of a little boy underneath.

This is a 1940's lollipop card by Rosen.  It was designed to tuck a lollipop into the slots.   The old guy looks like a comic strip character, but I have not been able to place him.  Any info on character or artist?  Thanks!

This is a really especially nice mechanical card.  As you pull the tab, the little boy's whole face and expression changes.  I would date this as 1930's to 1940's.

One of my personal favorites, this little boy roller skates in a field of poppies.  This is also a mechanical card, and as you move the boy's arm, the Valentine he carries also changes.

You'll find all these cards and more at Birdhouse Books on eBay.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Vintage Red Stocking Fund Donation Collection Folder from New York Methodist Hospital

This is such an interesting and unique vintage Christmas ephemera collectible.   This little red Christmas stocking is actually a donation folder.  As you open the folder, you will see slots for dimes and also for bills.  I found this in an estate lot of (mostly Victorian) Christmas ephemera.  I wanted to date this ephemera.  After doing some research, I found that Robert Diedendorf (mentioned on the folder) was the President of New York Methodist Hospital in the 1950's, so that helps to date this unique piece.  With the Red Stocking Fund Soiree recently being held by New York Methodist, I think this is a particularly unique and interesting item.  You'll find it here:  Red Stocking Fund Ephemera at Birdhouse Books

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas! by Peter Spier

My item of the day is the children's picture book Peter Spier's Christmas!   It has the most beautiful, detailed pen, ink, and watercolor illustrations throughout, and is a hard to find Christmas book.  I am a great fan of Peter Spier's work.  He is a Dutch author and illustrator (born 1927) and the lovely detailed, intricate illustrations seen in this book are typical of his work.   You can see more photos and details here:  Peter Spier's Christmas! at Birdhouse Books.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dog Theme World War II 1940's Vintage Christmas Cards

Just wanted to share some fabulous World War II vintage Christmas cards.   They all have the patriotic red, white, and blue colors - marked "Made in USA."   Two of these cards feature Terrier dogs (one dressed up as Santa Claus and about to climb down a chimney), and another features a Borzoi dog (especially nice!).  They are all at Birdhouse Books - Vintage Christmas Card Department at Birdhouse Books.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Don't you want to keep the neat vintage cards?

Friends often ask me this question:  "Don't you want to keep the neat vintage cards?"   The longer I sell vintage items, the fewer items I keep.  At a certain point you just have less of a desire to collect.  That said -- there are a few special cards that I keep!  Usually it is because they have a special interest to me, like a favorite vacation spot or one of my favorite dog breeds.  These vintage Christmas cards are a perfect example -- they remind me of my own pups, and they are staying here!  The little red Dachshund puppy is so sweet (1960's vintage) and the little Terrier mix is 1940's vintage, and die-cut against a colorful background.