Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Faves

Happy Friday from a very chilly Atlanta!   We are used to January temps in the 30's - low 50's, and it was 12 degrees this morning.  That means good weather for coffee and blogging.

My first favorite this week is Chat Patti.  This is a little South Indian restaurant in Atlanta (near Target on North Druid Hills Road, a few blocks from I-85).  You order at the counter, where you can see the food behind the counter (like a cafeteria) and also see photos of the food with names of dishes.  There is no English menu, so this is a good place to go if you know South Indian food or if you are an adventurous diner!   South Indian food is vegetarian, and does not include mushrooms, so I am happy with anything on the menu.  I had basmati rice with chana masala (curried chickpeas) and an eggplant, okra, and potato masala (delicious but VERY spicy -- I had to order some yogurt to cut the spice).  My friend and I split an order of samosas (fried potato appetizers - very yummy!).  The samosas are served with chutney (sweet sauce) and green sauce (spicier).  I have loved Indian food since college, and could easily eat it several times a week!

My second favorite is New England Coffee.  I live in the deep South and only discovered this old (since 1916) coffee company recently.  I absolutely love every blend I have tried -- from San Francisco (bold and dark) to Breakfast Blend (light and smooth).  I highly recommend this coffee!

My third favorite is simple:  flannel sheets.  When it is 12 degrees on a cold night, flannel sheets are a wonderful invention.