Friday, July 10, 2015

Dear Abby: A Dachshund's Life in 1963

Hi, Friends! 

Hope you are having a good week. I am having fun and spending extra time helping Momma with her work. This week she let me help go through some vintage children's books. I found a book that has pictures of a dachshund from 1963. Momma said I could keep it, so it is on our little doxie shelf here. I loved glimpsing how a dachshund lived in the 1960's.

The book is called How God Gives Us Bread, and it is by Mary LeBar, with illustrations by Vera Gohman. The front cover has children eating bread with jelly.  There is no clue of what is inside the book.  If you ask me, they left the most important character in this book out of the picture!
Inside the book there are more pictures of the little children and their family.  They visit a farm to see wheat being harvested.  Best of all, their little dachshund carries his leash to them and they take the hint and take him along.  They must be a very nice family!   Look how hopeful that dachshund looks.  I can see why they took him along.
At the farm, the dachshund got to run and play, and he watched everything with big eyes.
When they got home, the dachshund found a red ball to play with.  The children were more interested in pointing at a bakery truck.  I wonder why that was?  That red ball looks much more fun!
Then at dinnertime, the children said grace and the dachshund was very relaxed under the table.  I wonder why he was not looking to see what was on the table.  (I would have done that.)
This was a fun book and I enjoyed reading it.  The pictures were the best part!  So there you have it - a dachshund's life, circa 1963.

How has your week been?  I am still looking for questions to answer here, so hope you will leave some questions in the comments.  

Love to all!

Abby xoxo