Friday, October 9, 2020

Dear Abby - My Adventure at a Lake -- and Some Good News!

Dear Friends,

I hope you are having a good week.  I had an adventure last week and wanted to share some pictures with you.  I had an ACTH test for my Cushing's syndrome. This is where I have bloodwork, get a shot, and then have an hour before I have more bloodwork.  (Then the test is over. That is the best part!)

Last week it was sunny and pretty on the day of my test.  My Momma and our friend took me to a park during the in-between hour.  I had not been there before and I loved it! 

There was a lake with lots of trees.  (They are just starting to turn colors here -- most are still green.)

There was a picnic pagoda and a path around the lake, so it was easy for us to walk and explore.

I saw a couple of egrets! They are very tall.

There were also a number of ducks on the lake!  I was very interested in them.

And there were geese! One of them was very interested in me but Momma picked me up before we could meet.  She said she trusted me but wasn't sure about the goose's intentions.

I loved standing on the little bridge and watching all this excitement!

It was a fun day!  Best of all, I have some very good news to share.  I got my ACTH test results this week and they were good!  I am taking medicine every 12 hours and evidently it is working and making me feel better.  This is happy news because it means I don't need another test for 3 months.  Whoopee!

I hope you have some good news and happy days this week.  I'll be back to visit again next Friday.


Abby xoxoxo


Imperturbe said...

Abby, it's always good to hear from you, especially with something good! Continued excellent news from the Vet!

Aliceson said...

I am so glad that had fun at park.
Your harness sure is cute.
We loved the park pictures

Glad that you are feeling well.🙏🙏❤️

Have a great weekend
Aliceson and

barbarakwrites said...

What a lovely blog post, Abby. Thanks for sharing your good news re: medical issues. We know that you have had some challenges with this and it is nice to know that you are feeling better and the medication is working. The photos at the park are just delightful. You are such a pretty girl. It is nice to read such a post at this time when life is so stressful for so many.

Abby said...

Thank you, friends! I really appreciate the support and encouragement. It means a lot to me!

Abby xoxoxo