Friday, December 6, 2019

Dear Abby - Dachshund Memes and Pictures

Dear Friends,

I hope you are having a good week. I've looked forward to chatting with you again after my Thanksgiving break!  (Although I hear there is a Christmas break coming up before too long here!)  

Today I thought I would share a few dachshund memes and pictures with you.  A couple of these are ones I shared on the Doxieposse Pals page (Facebook) and there are some new ones that I've found web surfing as well.  (I love to look for dachshund pictures online!)

I like this dachshund's face and hope someone does buy him a bone!

I am not too sure about spiders either.  This looks like a good idea!

Aww! This makes me happy.

Oops!  Good thing we don't really get school pictures.

Dachshund sleep positions.  If you have a dog, which position does he or she sleep in?  I am a side sleeper, so I would pick C or E.

Now THIS is a silly dog.  I love going to bed at night!

I hope you enjoyed these little pictures.  I'll be back with more fun next week!


Abby xoxoxo


Unknown said...

How cute is this? You've made my day! Love them all...thank you for the smiles...xxxooo

Aliceson said...

I love the pictures so cute I loved the Dachshund eyes and the Dachshund hiding they were both just precious.
Have a great weekend.


Abby said...

Hi friends,

Thanks so much for visiting! I enjoyed reading your comments. Aliceson, the picture of dachshund eyes is my favorite too.