Friday, October 21, 2016

Dear Abby - Pet Meet and Greet - Gizmo and Family

Hi Friends!
I hope you are having a good week.  Today our good friend Angela and her sweet fur family (including my great buddy Gizmo!) have stopped by the blog to visit.  Angela runs the Doxieposse page on Facebook - fun pictures and stories there.  I know you will enjoy meeting Gizmo and his family!
Abby:  Who are your pets?

Angela:  My pets' names are Gizmo (doxie mix, 10 years) - Sarge (weimaraner, almost 6) - Twinkles (lab mix, age unknown, maybe close to 10) - Miss P (cat, 5) - Murray (cat, 5) - Gimli (cat, 2) - Blue (bearded dragon, 2 months).

Abby:  Is there a story behind any of your pets' names?

Angela:  Gizmo was named before he was born. He had an older brother that was named LB. When LB would get scared or upset, he would shake and hide like the gremlin, Gizmo. We always joked that he should have been named Gizmo. When LB was stolen while on vacation with my brother, we were heartbroken. Gizmo was born a few weeks later; he looked just like LB and we named him Gizmo. 
Abby:  What is the funniest thing your pets have done?

Angela:  Gizmo has had many misadventures and makes me laugh every day. One that sticks out was the time I had a scorpion problem in my room. I set out sticky traps all over the room. Gizmo came up to me with one stuck to his butt. After laughing for a while, I pulled it off and a brown patch of fur came off with it. He looked so embarrassed. 
Miss P

Abby:  Have your pets had any adventures?

Angela:  Gizmo's name on twitter is "GizmoAdventures." He has always been my little adventurer. When we would go on walks, he would go through a fence and walk along side me through the woods. He didn't like staying on the path. I would always say "there's Gizmo on one of his adventures." He has also traveled to the beach and the lake. He loves going places and seeing new sights and sniffing new smells.

  What do you and your pets do for fun?

Angela:  The dogs love to walk. WALK is their favorite word. They don't really like it for the exercise, they like the walks because it means they get to leave the yard, they get to explore new areas and chase bunnies and other vermin. The cats mostly lay around the house observing things. Gimli, he loves to be outside. He will chase birds, mice and frogs. He also likes to hang with the dogs. I call him my "puppy."
Gimli, Gizmo

Gimli, Gizmo, Miss P

Gimli, Gizmo

Abby:  Do your pets have any favorite, special toys?

Angela:  Most the furbabies don't really bother with toys. Gizmo, on the other hand, loves his toys. Every time I come in the house, he grabs a new toy for me to throw for him. He may be the oldest, but he still has the spirit of a pup. Right now, his favorite toy is a blue jay that his auntie Barbara sent him for his birthday. As a Texas Rangers fan, I don't approve...but he loves it.
Gizmo, Miss P
Abby:  What are some special things your pets can do?

Angela:  I wouldn't really call it special, but it's special to me; they all do zoomies. I love watching them get excited and run in circles really fast. It always makes my heart smile. Through the years, I noticed many of my pets did the same thing, so I enjoy watching them do it and I also enjoy the happy memories it brings to mind.
Sarge, Gizmo

Sarge, Gizmo
Abby:  What are your pets' most lovable qualities?

Angela:  They are all so sweet, well, all but Murray. She belonged to my brother and he left her at my house on Christmas. She can be loving, but not as inviting as the others. But Sarge always Velcros himself to me. This is a weimaraner thing, so I read. Twinkles loves to give kisses and shake hands. Gizmo just looks at you with his big brown puppy eyes and you melt. He did it this morning. I had to stop what I was doing and give him hugs and kisses. He also likes to cuddle. Gimli is a big cuddle bug. He will actually crawl in your lap and lay like a baby and he purrs all the time. Miss P, she loves to lay near anyone (not on them) and lick your hands and also give love bites. 
Gizmo, Twinkles, Sarge
What great stories and pictures!  Thank you, Angela.   I love hearing about dogs and kitties living together in a family;  there are always fun stories.  I have to add that I also love zoomies!  I do them when I have company.  Readers, you can leave comments for Angela and her furkids in the comment section below.
If you would like to spotlight your pets in an upcoming Pet Meet and Greet, please leave your email in the comments.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Abby xoxoxo


Kelsey Hill said...

This was the sweetest post and so fun to read!

xo Kelsey |

Erika Ravnsborg said...

Awww. What little darlings those animals are

Anna said...

Gizmo is so adorable! I'm glad the scorpion didn't bite him. That's so cute he has his own twitter page! He looks so sweet with the cat.

Unknown said...

This post made me so happy! They are all so adorable! I wish I had pets in our apartment, but we are not allowed too :(

barbarakwrites said...

This is such a wonderful piece! I especially love all of the fabulous photos of the pet family! As far as Gizmo's Auntie Barbara and the stuffed Blue Jay toy, she can be sneaky at times ;). I love to connect with and read about other peoples' fur family and how much these pets enrich our lives.

Unknown said...

Thank you all for your kind words. I am glad you enjoyed reading about my furbabies. Auntie Barbara can be very sneaky. It took me months to realize you sent a Blue Jay to my little Rangers fan. :)

Alyssa said...

boy you sure do have a fun house! love all these cute pets!

Abby said...

Friends, thank you all for visiting! It makes me happy to see all the great pictures of Gizmo with his family.

Auntie Barbara and Auntie Angela, I love the Blue Jay story!!



Unknown said...

How sweet! I loved hearing about your pets! As always great photos of your babies. :-). I didn't know you had Twinkles and Blue. Pretty cool to have a bearded dragon!

Cynthia @craftoflaughter said...

What a great post! I love seeing others pets as I love mine a lot too! We had a golden retriever named Roscoe that loved lying in his kiddie pool!

Unknown said...

What cuties! This series is so fun! I love meeting others and hearing about their pets

Abby said...

Thanks, friends! I really appreciate you stopping by. Loved your comments!


Abby xoxoxo

Rachel Lynn said...

pets are seriously the best. <3 I love how your dog has his own twitter! & that's awesome how you thought up Gizmo's name. too cute!!

Abby said...

Gizmo's Twitter is lots of fun! Thanks for stopping by!