Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Best of Vintage Valentines - Lots o' Links with Photos

January is the month of love at Birdhouse Books, as I list lots of great vintage Valentines.  I really enjoy working with vintage Valentines for children, and have posted photos and links many times over the past few years.  I wanted to share a few previous blog links with you (photos of the fun vintage cards at each link):

1940's Valentines for children - My favorite is the little Shirley Temple girl with her Scottie dog.

Baby Boomer Die-Cut Valentines - Especially love the "hoppy" frog card.

Photos of vintage Valentines - Be sure to see the mechanical tango dancers, and the unique older handmade card.

More 1940's Valentines - The soda fountain is just too cute! 

1920's to 1930's vintage Valentines - The Red Riding Hood card is so charming!

1950's to 1960's Die-Cut Valentines - They are all cute, but I think I like the bowling Terrier dog most of all.

Baby Boomer Valentines - The top card pictured, of the little girl painting with her dog, is especially cute.

Whitney Made Valentines - These cards from the 1920's to 1930's are among the most beautiful, with detailed illustrations.  The last card pictured, of a little boy and girl under an umbrella, is so sweet.

More Baby Boomer Vintage Valentines - The first card features a little girl and her Dachshund.  I collect vintage Dachshund cards and have one of these in my collection.
Sweet 1950's Valentines - The little girl painting is an especially sweet illustration.

Vintage Valentines for Children - The first and last cards pictured are mechanical cards featuring children and dogs, with Charles Twelvetrees illustrations.

Elephant Bride Valentine - This card sold long ago, but I'm glad the photo is still here at the blog.  I believe this is a Jason Freixas illustration.  It was a spectacular card!

Anthropomorphic Train Valentine - The anthropomorphic cards are fun!

Carousel Valentine - I love vintage carnival and fair items, so find this especially appealing.

Mechanical Valentine of a Little Girl and Her Dog - A little girl plays the piano while her dog helps by "singing."

And, of course, if you want to see more Valentines, you'll find hundreds at Birdhouse Books.

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