Friday, March 19, 2021

Dear Abby - Cute Dachshunds From Pinterest

Dear Friends,

Hope you are having a good week!  We've had a lot of rain here and it gave me extra time to stay indoors and browse Pinterest.   I found some very cute dachshund photos and wanted to share them with you.  (Pinterest is a great place for dog pictures!)

This dachshund is ready for Spring with a wreath of flowers:

This handsome black and tan dachshund is just relaxing. What a face!

No, Momma, I do NOT want to wear pajamas.  (Cute as long as it doesn't give our people ideas.)

I can tell that this doxie is thinking some very Deep Thoughts.

Just a pretty dachshund out for a walk on a nice day!

Look what arrived in the mail!

These pictures made me happy and I hope you enjoyed them too. I hope your day is sunny and warm!


Abby xoxoxo



  1. Love these photos! These dachshunds are all adorable.

  2. What beautiful faces on these little doggies....

  3. The Dachshunds sure are cute.
    Aliceson and Emily

  4. Adorable. I love the pj's!!

    Linda and Lady

  5. Thanks, friends, for stopping by! By the way, we have sunshine here this weekend - hooray!



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