Friday, February 21, 2020

Dear Abby - Videos Abby Likes: A Dachshund and Porcupine Are Friends

Dear Friends,

I've had a busy week here with my usual work and with helping my Momma more than usual as well. I just have a little short post for you today.

I found a video of a dachshund and porcupine who are friends!  This all happened in England.  Diablo is an orphaned baby porcupine, also known as a porcupette.  He was taken care of by a Cotswold Wildlife Park zookeeper, who took him home with her.  He befriended her dachshund puppy Fig.  The goal is to return Diablo to the zoo with the other porcupines.

There is a cute short video of Diablo and Fig together:

I loved seeing them play!  I hope you do too.  I think I would like to meet a friendly porcupine.

Abby xoxoxo


  1. Abby:
    I love the porcupine and Dachshund video it was really neat that they were friends.
    We always look forward to your videos.

    Have a great weekend
    Hope will be warmer there.

    Aliceson and Emily

  2. This is such fun to watch - as these 2 pals play! ~~hugs from Linda & Lady

  3. Oohh..that is such a darling thing when animals find ways to be friends in odd ways.
    Donkeys and goats, make friends when separated they stop eating and health fails until the friends are reunited. These are so interesting.
    Thanks for sharing😉🌷

  4. Thanks, friends! I really appreciate you all stopping by and commenting.



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