Friday, September 16, 2016

Dear Abby - Remembering Barney Fife (1997 - 2014)

When I first met Barney Fife, I was a year old and he was 13.  I traveled from far away to be his sister.  We loved each other at first glance.   He had a sweet face with big amber color eyes.  He gave kisses and moaned with happiness when things were good in his world.  He walked with a heavy, deliberate step.  He cuddled often, and happily, with Momma and me as well.  When we first met we went outside and walked together in the sunshine with Momma, and I knew that I would love him forever.

Barney Fife (6/1/97 - 9/16/14), forever in our hearts


  1. Aw Honey! I know how much it hurts. 2 months ago, July 1st it was a year since we lost
    Mackenzie. August 22, it was 3 years since we lost Shelly! Two more days it will be a year since we lost Brewster, then 12 more days it will be a year since we lost Lexus. Way too many losses. It's not the size of the family though, just losing your ONE has created an empty home. Thinking of you, I know you miss him so much. I do miss the cuddling all the doxies did. The Chihuahua's don't seem to care for that as much. Have a good day Abby. You and Mom together can make this day right, just the two of you!!
    Lots of Love from Knoxville, Tennessee
    Jean, Shelby, Shiloh and Andy

  2. I knew Barney for all the time he was with Trish. Barney had so much personality and such love for everyone around him. All he asked in return was complete attention and obedience from everyone - a perpetual two year old who ran the house! But just the best.

  3. Thank you so much for your comments!

    Jean, I remember all your sweet furkids ... they were really special dachshunds. Sending comforting thoughts to you as well.

    Dave, yes! Well said. That was Barney. And really just the best, the sweetest ever.

  4. Rip Barney fife
    Abby I lost my brother in June sure is tuff.

    Haley Kay

  5. Yes Barney was like a few of mine, Just the sweetest well behaved little guy. Those are such a dream to have..

  6. Barney Fife was a very special boy and I know he will always be missed by his loving family.

  7. Today's post is such a sweet remembrance of Barney! It couldn't have been said more lovingly. I never met Barney, but I will always remember him and the special love you had for him!

  8. Thank you! I really appreciate your kind words (and so does Abby). Barney really was a very special boy.


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