Sunday, February 8, 2015

Downton Abbey: Season 5, Episode 6

What Happened (A Very Short Summary) 
The Dowager Countess visits the Prince with news that she hopes to find his wife;  he asks Violet to run away with him.  Back at home, Violet has problems with her new lady's maid.  Edith receives word that Michael Gregson is presumed dead in Munich.  She also learns that she has inherited Gregson's publishing company.  Bates discovers Mary's contraceptive device and book that Anna is keeping for Mary.  He assumes they belong to Anna and they quarrel.  Later he confesses to Anna that he chose not to harm Green.  Cora and Robert have it out about Simon Bricker, and she stands up to him;  he returns to their room.  Barrow is ill, and Baxter convinces him to see a doctor.  Dr. Clarkson assures him that he will be fine (he was taking saline) and is kind and reassuring.  Lady Mary bobs her hair.  When she unveils her new look at a family gathering (which includes Rose's new friend, Atticus), Mary and Edith have a fuss.  Tony Gillingham, Charles Blake, and Mabel Lane Fox arrive for the steeplechase.  Romantic sparks fly between Tony and Mabel.  Edith tells the truth to Mrs. Drew and leaves with baby Marigold.  Isobel tells Violet that she accepted Lord Merton's proposal.  Carson suggests to Mrs. Hughes that perhaps they should invest in a property together, for when they retire. 

Line of the Week
"All this endless thinking!  It's all very overrated."  -- the Dowager Countess
Character Of the Week 
Edith received the tragic confirmation of Michael Gregson's death, and mustered her wits to plan a life for herself -- and their child, Marigold.  I like Edith and have hoped she would find happiness.  I hope this is the beginning for her.

 Most Striking Visual 
 Mary's bobbed hair is a small sign of the way things are changing, moving toward modernity.

 "Oh My" Moment 
Bates' confession to Anna that he had the opportunity to pursue and harm Green, but chose not to, was quite a surprise.  I truly thought he had been involved in his death.

What I Hope Will Happen Next (All Speculation - No Spoilers!) 
I hope that things progress for Mary and Charles Blake and for Rose and Atticus.  I hope Edith and Marigold have a happy life together.   I hope Isis (who was not feeling well) is okay!

What did you think of tonight's episode?  What do you want to happen next week?


  1. Interesting episode. I agree with all your comments, but also want to see more of Cora coming into her own.

  2. me_imperturbe, I agree completely about Cora. It would be nice to see her having more interesting things to do.


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