Monday, April 14, 2014

Music Monday - "Summer Days" by the Partridge Family

Disclaimer:  David Cassidy was my first big crush.  I was pretty sure that I would grow up to marry him.  Although it seems that may not happen, I still love several of the Partridge Family songs I grew up with, and "Summer Days" may top the list.  Yes, it is bubblegum pop, but it also is a fun early 1970's (1971) pop song.  Someone mentioned this on Facebook yesterday, and it has been stuck in my head ever since - so I'm passing it along to you. 

Do you remember the Partridge Family?  Were you a Partridge Family or Brady Bunch fan as a kid?  I loved them both.  The Brady Bunch was closer to real life, but the Partridge Family - well, it had David Cassidy.


  1. I loved the Partridge Family and David Cassidy was my first crush, too. Donny Osmond and Bobby Sherman was also in the running! And I have to confess that I still love those 70's hits!

  2. Bobby Sherman! I loved him too. He works as an EMT now in Los Angeles.

  3. Of course, I loved them, LOL. David Cassidy especially. However, my husband liked Susan Dey...

  4. Brenda, David Cassidy was my "fave rave" as a preteen. I had his pictures on my wall, carried a notebook with his picture, etc. etc. etc. (!)



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