Monday, October 21, 2013

Bass High School 1963 Football Program

I love finding unique items to list on eBay.  It is fun to play Antiques Roadshow and learn more about the unusual items.

I went to a great local yard sale in Atlanta a while back and purchased a nice stack of Bass High School football programs from the 1960's.  This is the last football program that I have left, and it is really neat.

Bass High School was built in 1923 as a junior high school.  It was located in the Little 5 Points - Inman Park area of Atlanta.  In 1947 Bass became a high school.  It closed in 1990, and was later converted to The Bass Lofts.  You will find a photo of Bass here:  The School on the Hill

This program is from a 1963 game between Bass High School and The Lovett School.  It has team photos, advertisements by local businesses (a neat peek at Atlanta in the 1960's), and of course a nice two page Coca-Cola centerfold ad featuring the roster of players.

You'll find this vintage program (and more vintage Atlanta items!) at Birdhouse Books:  Bass High School football program.


  1. a nice bit of local history, nice write up!

  2. Thanks! We lived near this high school for a while when I was growing up ... it was fun learning more about it.

  3. Love this look back into history!!

  4. Love this look back at history! Great job, great passion!

  5. my grandfather was #32 for bass football


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