Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Projects

Hi, eBay friends!

Sorry to be out of touch the past month.  I've missed chatting with you here!   I'm going to try to start posting little updates here, even if it's short and sweet, or a note about a day in the life of an eBay seller.

Today I'm working on eBay listings.  I have a big lot of new gift store / boutique Easter cards, a vintage Donkey Party board game, and a stack of vintage craft booklets.

I purchased these Easter cards a couple of years ago at a yard sale.  I thought they would be good to sell individually, like my vintage cards.  That turned out not to work for me.  This is a huge lot (50 or 60 cards?? -- I need to count) and they are too cute not to pass along to someone who will enjoy them.   So ... I'm boxing them up and listing them as a big lot.

Hope your day is great!