Thursday, November 15, 2007

Who are you, and what is this blog about?

I love books. I grew up going to the library weekly, joining the library's reading club each summer, and eventually went on to study English in college. After college, I worked at various times as an English tutor, an independent bookstore manager, and a teacher. And I discovered eBay. Oh, the books to buy! Beautiful vintage Little Golden Books from my childhood. The yellow spine Nancy Drew books that I loved as a preteen. Favorite novels that were long out of print.

And then there were also books to sell. Soon it became an addiction -- not just selling my own books, but scavenging library sales, estate sales, and yard sales for treasures.

To make a long story short, falling in love with eBay coincided with feeling burned out as a teacher.

So I became a full-time eBayer. This blog is about my adventures and misadventures (I've been on eBay for years, but I am still learning too!). Great books. Odd things I've sold. Tips for sellers. Tips for buyers. Stories about this and that. And maybe even some talk about books ...

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