Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Additions: From Elephant Nursery Planter to Los Angeles Pottery

Hi all!

I've added a really fun variety of items to my store this past week, and just wanted to share a few photos with you!

Vintage nursery planter featuring an elephant pulling a little cart - would be so sweet in a baby nursery:

Mama Poodle and her 5 puppies on a leash:

Little elephant figurine - made in Japan:

Vintage wooden frame tray puzzle featuring a tabby cat and Beagle dog:

Los Angeles Potteries utensil crock (California Pottery) - dated 1965 and numbered.  Love the avocado green color!

The Beatles Anthology 1 on CD:

Down, Down the Mountain by Ellis Credle - 1961 vintage children's book set in the Blue Ridge Mountains: 

Several cut and assemble books for buildings you can put together.  They are fun for children and are also in H-O railroad scale.  This book is Cut and Assemble Main Street:

Huge lot of Gordon Fraser Christmas tags - beautiful!   All new and in the original packaging:

1961 calendar towel with an old fashioned farm scene:

All these items - and more! - are found at Birdhouse Books on eBay.  Hope you'll stop by and visit!

Monday, September 17, 2012

5 Interesting Tidbits About Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books are my favorite thing to list.   I love the illustrations, the storytelling, and the nostalgic quality of these sweet books.   I just listed many Little Golden Books, and felt inspired to share some fun facts about LGBs with you.

1. Little Golden Books were first published in 1942.

2. The first Little Golden Book published was Three Little Kittens, illustrated by Masha.

3. Little Golden Books originally sold for 25 cents.

4. Early Little Golden books have an interesting edition notation.  With older (25 cent to 29 cent) Little Golden Books, look at the gutter of the last page of book for a letter.  "A" designates First Edition, "B" designates Second Edition, and so forth.

5. Little Golden Books usually have a book number near the top of the cover.  Each title has a number.   Starting in the late 1970's, book numbers were hyphenated.  Collectors always want to know the book number.

I hope these Little Golden Book facts were interesting, and I hope you'll pop by my store to browse my Little Golden Books as well.

Pictured:  Mr. Noah and His Family, a 1948 Little Golden Book, illustrated by Alice and Martin Provensen.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Item of the Day: Motel Postcards - a Big Vintage Lot

Love this big lot of vintage motel postcards!   There are so many goodies here.  Just had to share a few photos with you.   Included in this lot:

  1. Holiday Inn - Cordele, Georgia
  2. Tropical Court motel - Folkston, Georgia
  3. Holiday Inn - West Palm Beach, Florida
  4. Ramada Inn - Brunswick, Georgia
  5. The Barcelona Hotel - Miami Beach, Florida
  6. The Jefferson Davis Hotel - Montgomery, Alabama
  7. The Sans Souci - Miami Beach, Florida
  8. Holiday Inn - West Palm Beach
  9. Holiday Inn - Allendale, South Carolina
  10. Holiday Inn - Florence, South Carolina
  11. Holiday Inn - Knoxville, Tennessee
  12. Holiday Inn - Morristown, Tennessee
  13. Holiday Inn - Bowling Green, Kentucky
  14. Holiday Inn - Nashville, Tennessee
  15. Ramada Inn - Amarillo, Texas
  16. Holiday Inn - Lexington, Kentucky
  17. Pic Motel - Marathon, Ontario, Canada
  18. Ramada Inn - Green Bay, Wisconsin
  19. Little Piney Motor Inn - Rolla, Missouri
  20. Boyne Mountain Lodge - Boyne Falls, Michigan
  21. Holiday Inn - Gallup, New Mexico
  22. Holiday Inn - Fresno, California
  23. Holiday Inn - Laredo, Texas
  24. Holiday Inn - Chinatown Area, Los Angeles, California
  25. Hotel Florence - Missoula, Montana
  26. Knights Inn - no specific location mentioned
  27. Holiday Inn - San Antonio, Texas
  28. The Waikiki Tower of the Reef Hotel - Waikiki, Hawaii
  29. Ramada Inn - Salina, Kansas
  30. Holiday Inn - Barstown, California
  31. Holiday Inn - San Francisco, California
  32. Holiday Inn - Roanoke, Virginia
  33. Holiday Inn - Knoxville, Tennessee
  34. Gold House Motor Lodge - Nahunta, Georgia

Interesting in seeing more?  Check them out here: vintage motel postcards - a big lot.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back to School Valentines at Birdhouse Books

These school theme vintage Valentine cards are so cute!  Some feature teachers, some are for a special teacher, some have school books, and others show a classroom.   I remember buying packs of Valentines as a little girl, and finding one or two special ones for teacher in each pack.   You'll find my school themed Valentines here:  school Valentines at Birdhouse Books.

I have a few school related Valentines to share with you.  On this card, a pretty teacher writes on the blackboard:  ""U + Me = Love."   This card is 1930's to 1940's vintage.

A big-eyed girl has an apple for teacher.  This card is also 1930's to 1940's vintage.

Two baby boomer vintage children write on a chalkboard for their teacher - a very cute card!

An old fashioned classroom - also for teacher.

These cards, along with more school and teacher themed Valentines, can be found at Birdhouse Bookss.